iiiMPACT Immigration Conference – Wilmington NC 8/10-8/11


Dear Friend and Fellow Patriot-
Illegal immigration is negatively impacting North Carolina today in the four critical areas of employment, healthcare, crime, and education.  A growing number of concerned citizens in Southeastern North Carolina are advocating for solutions on the state and local level. 
On August 11th from 9am to 3:30pm in Wilmington, a FREE education and action conference on illegal immigration will jump-start a shift in momentum.  To kick off the event on Friday August 10th we will be showing Dennis Michael Lynch’s “They Come To America,” a comprehensive and timely documentary on illegal immigration in the United States followed by a Q&A session with Mr. Lynch.  Please check out his website for movie clips and other information.  Mr. Lynch will be talking regularly with Curtis Wright on the Beat leading up to this event on Thursday mornings at 8:30.
Then we’ll get local during the Saturday Conference with citizens, elected officials, candidates and activists! 
The morning will be comprised of several workshops on the topics mentioned above followed by lunch and then a Town Hall style panel discussion open to your questions.  You will come away from this event well-informed on what is happening in our state, where our elected officials stand, and with tangible actions you can take to affect the political change needed to actually solve the problem of illegal immigration.



Registration is easy: simply go to our website iiiMPACT and register on the right side of the page.  Tables are available for businesses, candidates and organizations to showcase information to the hundreds who will be attending.  You’ll see the Table information under Registration.

Tune in to Curtis Wright on the Beat, 980 WAAV AM and 640 WFNC AM, Monday-Friday from 6am-10am for information and interviews.

We look forward to seeing you at iiiMPACT!

    Maureen A. Wilson

About CapeFearFIRE

Immigration enforcement activist in North Carolina. Maintain NC Memorial for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, Hispanic Against Hispanic Crime, NC Document Fraud, NC Sanctuary Cities and the NC Monthly IA Crime Reports
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